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Mission & Vision


New Hope Academy Charter School’s (NHACS) mission is to provide a safe, structured and quality learning community where our students’ creativity and potential will flourish. We employ a committed and well-equipped staff whose excellence in teaching and high academic and behavioral expectations promotes the excellence we know our community’s children can achieve. We enhance the learning experience of our students by integrating science and technology into core subject areas, the arts, and various enrichment programs. Our students will leave NHA with a solid foundation in science and technology, providing them with a head start in our increasingly technological society and with a clear understanding of the seamless integration of science and technology into their everyday lives. Our school’s culture will treat every child as “gifted” and will celebrate, nurture and enrich the gifts and talents our children possess. 

In support of our mission statement, our shared vision embodies a collaborative learning community where all members are held accountable for their performance. Our staff will be dedicated and passionate learners who model the intellectual prowess, core virtues, and civic mindedness that we expect our students to emulate. Our students will be provided with ample opportunities to flourish socially and intellectually.

At NHACS, We Value:

  • A multi-cultural and multi-generational teaching and learning environment characterized by quality instruction and high expectations.
  • Orienting scholars to a variety of college and career possibilities linked to their personal goals and aspirations.
  • Instruction that is driven by data, rooted in best practices, and differentiated to meet students’ individual needs.
  • Exemplifying a positive school culture which promotes safety, responsibility, citizenship, and respect for all forms of diversity.
  • The use of consistent positive language when communicating thoughts and exchanging ideas with the goal of promoting personal accountability and a community of excellence.
  • Maintaining a home-school-community partnership in support of students thriving academically, socially, and emotionally.