Dean's Message


Where there is faith and love, there is always HOPE! 

 My name is Jevon M. Johnson and I am honored to serve as your Dean of Students! New Hope is known for being student centered and for our commitment to aid each individual child progress toward their educational and social goals by providing exceptional conditions of learning, engaging all students and taking a family and community approach to education. It is my goal to support our students, their families and teachers in their pursuit of these goals.  I have worked in education for over 15 years.  The majority of my experience is  in college administration and I was also a High School Dean for three years prior to coming to New Hope.  While working with college and high school students, I realized that many of our students of color were not prepared and did not achieve academic excellence because they were never given the tools and proper guidance.  Being one whom believes that life is all about impacting the lives of others, I decided to obtain a position that would allow me to support our children much earlier in their academic careers.  
When I decided to come to New Hope, I wondered how the transition would be but I can honestly say it has been an amazing experience.  Our scholars are some of the brightest, most talented and loving children I have ever worked with.  I promise you I will do everything in my power to support their academic and personal growth every single day.  I myself am a father of two beautiful children, therefore I share the passion of our parents and the need to ensure that your children receive an exceptional education and that the school they attend is safe and filled with love.  Although we are facing some challenges, my dedication to our children will not waver.  In an effort to ensure that our teachers are fully capable of teaching our scholars in a setting that is conducive to achieving academic excellence, I am currently conducting a four week workshop on Classroom Management. While attending the workshops, our teachers will learn and reinforce skills and techniques to help them address issues such as; bullying, classroom conflicts, inappropriate behavior, building relationships, giving students a sense of belonging and a host of other topics and issues we as educators deal with daily. I will continue to work side-by-side with our principal, Dr. Francis to guarantee we achieve greatness.     Once again it is a honor to serve as your Dean of Students.  My door is always open should you have any questions or concerns.
Jevon M. Johnson
Dean of Students
New Hope Academy Charter School


The Pillar System

At New Hope Academy Charter School, we stand strong using the Six Pillars of Success. They are Responsibility, Respect, Citizenship, Trustworthiness, Caring, and Fairness. Our scholars are rewarded using Class Dojo as they use these pillars throughout the school day.

Professional Development Series

This is a workshop for teachers only
These workshops will focus on four areas of classroom management.  
1.  The Importance of Building Relationships.
2.  Bullying and Inappropriate Interactions within the Classroom.
3.  Dealing with Conflict.
4.  Limiting Classroom Elopements.
All teachers are welcome to attend.  If you plan on attending, Dr. Francis would like you to keep journal entries on your progress, summarizing how you are implementing the techniques in your classroom and what change you see as a result.  These workshops will be held once a week for four consecutive weeks on Tuesdays directly following our school day.  The dates are 1/16, 1/23, 1/30 and 2/6.   Each workshop will begin promptly at 4:15 pm. and will last no longer than an hour.  If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to Dr. Francis or myself.  If you plan on attending, please inform me as soon as possible.  There are a number of teachers that will be mandated to attend.  Those teachers will receive a separate email from Dr. Francis.   Here is a link to an interesting and informative article about "The importance of students having a sense of belonging", if you plan on attending the workshops please read it in its entirety because we will be discussing it during the workshops.